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Debian Contributors list

This is a list of all the 1368 people and 18 teams whose most recent contribution to Debian was in 2017.
The information is based on our current knowledge, which you can help us improve.

Person Until
Wookey May
Aaron M. Ucko May
Aaron Toponce March
Aarti Kashyap April
Abhijit A. M. January
Abhijith PA January
Abhishek Kuvalekar January
Abou Al Montacir April
Achim Schaefer January
Adam Bolte February
Adam Borowski May
Adam Conrad May
Adam D. Barratt May
Adam Majer February
Adam Wight April
Adre Lanos April
Adrian Alves March
Adrian Bunk May
Adrian Heine May
Adrian Vondendriesch May
Adriana Costa February
Adriano Rafael Gomes May
Adrien Cunin April
Adrien Grellier May
Adrià García-Alzórriz May
Afif Elghraoui May
Afif Elghraoui February
Agustin Henze May
Agustín Martín Domingo May
Ahmed El-Mahmoudy March
Aigars Mahinovs January
Akash Sarda April
Al Stone January
Alan Baghumian May
Alan Woodland March
Alastair McKinstry May
Alba Crespi May
Alban Browaeys May
Alban VIDAL April
Albert Dengg March
Alberto Gonzalez Iniesta March
Alberto Fuentes February
Alberto Garcia May
Alberto Luaces April
Alberto Molina Coballes March
Alec Leamas May
Alejandro Garrido Mota March
Aleksey Kravchenko January
Alessandro De Zorzi March
Alessandro Ghedini May
Alessio Treglia April
Alex Alcantar May
Alex Gaynor March
Alex Mestiashvili May
Alex Muntada May
Alexander Clausen January
Alexander Couzens May
Alexander GQ Gerasiov May
Alexander Inyukhin January
Alexander List January
Alexander Perlis February
Alexander Toresson February
Alexander Wirt May
Alexander Wolf May
Alexander Zangerl May
Alexandre Delanoë March
Alexandre Detiste May
Alexandre Rossi April
Alexandre Viau April
Alexandre Viau April
Alexei Nikolov January
Alexis Bienvenüe March
Alf Gaida May
Alkis Georgopoulos March
Allison Randal February
Amos Jeffries May
Ana Beatriz Guerrero López May
Ana Custura February
Anders Jonsson January
Anders Kaseorg May
Andrea Bolognani January
Andrea Mennucci April
Andreas B. Mundt January
Andreas Beckmann May
Andreas Boll May
Andreas Bombe April
Andreas Cadhalpun February
Andreas Franzen February
Andreas Heinlein March
Andreas Henriksson May
Andreas Hoenen May
Andreas Metzler May
Andreas Moog May
Andreas Neudecker January
Andreas Noteng February
Andreas Rottmann March
Andreas Rönnquist May
Andreas Tille May
Andres Salomon March
Andrew Ayer February
Andrew Chadwick February
Andrew Harvey January
Andrew Lee February
Andrew Martin Adrian Cater March
Andrew Pollock April
Andrew Ruthven January
Andrew Shadura May
Andrew Starr-Bochicchio May
Andrey Rahmatullin May
Andrey Skvortsov May
Andriy Grytsenko May
Andy Bennett May
Andy Simpkins January
Angel Abad May
Anibal Monsalve Salazar January
Ansgar Burchardt May
Anthony DeRobertis May
Anthony Fok May
Antoine Beaupré May
Antoine Musso May
Antoine R. Dumont March
Anton Gladky May
Anton Khodak January
Anton Zinoviev April
Antonio Ospite May
Antonio Radici April
Antonio Terceiro May
Antonio Valentino March
Apollon Oikonomopoulos May
Ari Pollak May
Armin Haas March
Arnaud Fontaine April
Arnaud Patard March
Arnaud Quette January
Arno Töll May
Aron Xu May
Arthur Loiret May
Arthur Marsh April
Arthur de Jong May
Arto Jantunen April
Arturo Borrero Gonzalez May
Arturo Borrero González March
Asias He May
Askar Safin January
Atsuhito Kohda February
Aurelien Jarno May
Aurélien COUDERC April
Austin English March
Axel Beckert May
Balasankar Chelamattath May
Balint Reczey April
Baptiste Jammet May
Barak A. Pearlmutter May
Barry Warsaw May
Bartosz Fenski May
Baruch Even January
Bas Wijnen May
Bas Zoetekouw March
Bastian Blank May
Bastien Roucariès May
Bdale Garbee May
Beatrice Torracca May
Ben Albrecht May
Ben Armstrong January
Ben Finney February
Ben Finney May
Ben Hutchings May
Ben Keller January
Ben Pfaff January
Benedikt Trefzer May
Benedikt Wildenhain February
Benjamin Barenblat April
Benjamin Drung May
Benjamin Eikel January
Benjamin Hill April
Benjamin Kaduk May
Benjamin Mesing April
Benoit Mortier January
Benoit Mortier January
Benoît Allard January
Bernd Schumacher April
Bernd Zeimetz May
Bernhard R. Link February
Bernhard Schmidt May
Bert Agaz March
Bertrand Marc March
Bill Allombert May
Bob Friesenhahn January
Bob Proulx May
Bobby Rong March
Bobby de Vos May
Boris Pek May
Boruch Baum March
Boud Roukema March
Boyuan Yang May
Brad Jorsch March
Brandon Weeks April
Brendan O'Dea March
Breno Leitao April
Bret Curtis January
Brian May May
Brian Minton May
Brian Potkin April
Brian Smith May
Bruno Kleinert April
Büşra Selin Pekişçi March
Calogero Lo Leggio February
Camm Maguire May
Carl Karsten April
Carl Suster March
Carlo Segre March
Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez January
Carlos Donizete May
Carlos Maddela March
Carlos Pascual-Izarra May
Carnë draug May
Carsten Leonhardt March
Carsten Schoenert May
Cesare Falco March
ChangZhuo Chen May
Changwoo Ryu May
Charles Plessy May
Chris January
Chris Adams January
Chris Boot April
Chris Boyle February
Chris Carr February
Chris Kuehl January
Chris Lamb May
Chris Leick May
Christian Ehrhardt May
Christian Hofstaedtler May
Christian Kastner February
Christian Kujau May
Christian Marillat April
Christian Perrier May
Christian Pietsch May
Christian Seiler May
Christoph Anton Mitterer April
Christoph Berg May
Christoph Biedl May
Christoph Egger April
Christoph Groth January
Christoph Göhre March
Christoph Junghans January
Christoph Martin May
Christoph Reiter May
Christoph Ulrich Scholler February
Christophe Siraut February
Christophe Troestler January
Christophe Trophime March
Christopher Hoskin April
Christopher Huhn March
Christopher Knadle January
Christopher Lawrence February
Christopher Schramm April
Christopher Stuart Hoskin April
Christos Trochalakis May
Cindy-Sue Causey May
Clint Adams May
Clint Byrum March
Colin Tuckley February
Colin Watson May
Colomban Wendling February
Cord Beermann April
Corey Bryant January
Craig Sanders April
Craig Small May
Cristian Paul Peñaranda Rojas March
Cristian Rigamonti February
Cyril Brulebois May
Cédric Boutillier May
César Enrique García Dabó January
D Haley May
Daigo Moriwaki March
Daisuke Higuchi April
Damien André May
Damyan Ivanov May
Dan Jacobson May
Dan Poltawski January
Danai Sae-Han March
Daniel Beyer March
Daniel Dehennin January
Daniel E. Markle January
Daniel Echeverry January
Daniel Galambos May
Daniel Gnoutcheff March
Daniel James March
Daniel Kahn Gillmor May
Daniel Lange February
Daniel Lenharo de Souza January
Daniel Manila January
Daniel Moerner January
Daniel Pocock May
Daniel Reichelt May
Daniel Schepler February
Daniel Shahaf May
Daniel Silverstone February
Daniel Stender April
Daniel Stender April
Daniele Forsi April
Daniele Tricoli April
Dann Frazier May
Dara Adib February
Dario Minnucci January
Dariusz Dwornikowski January
Dariusz Dwornikowski January
Dato Simó May
Dave Hibberd April
Dave Vehrs April
David Bremner May
David Douard May
David Härdeman April
David Jones March
David Kalnischkies May
David Lazar May
David Paleino April
David Prévot April
David Rabel April
David Smith March
David Steele May
Davide G. M. Salvetti January
Debian Webteam CVS Checkout User February
Denis Briand May
Dennis van Dok February
Denys Berkovskyy March
Devid Antonio Filoni March
Diane Trout May
Didier Raboud May
Didier Roche January
Diederik de Haas March
Diego M. Rodriguez May
Dieter Adriaenssens February
Dima Kogan May
Dimitri Chausson March
Dimitri John Ledkov May
Dirk Eddelbuettel May
Dmitry Bogatov April
Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov January
Dmitry Oboukhov May
Dmitry Shachnev May
Dmitry Smirnov May
Domenico Andreoli April
Dominic Hargreaves May
Dominik George May
Dominique Belhachemi May
Dominique Corbex April
Dominique Dumont May
Don Armstrong May
Donald Norwood May
Doug Torrance January
Drew Parsons May
Dwayne Litzenberger January
Dylan Aïssi May
Ed Maste March
Eddy Petrisor January
Eduard Bloch May
Eduard Sanou April
Edward Betts May
Egmont Koblinger February
Elena Grandi May
Elie Rosenblum April
Elimar Riesebieter April
Elías Alejandro March
Emanuel Bronshtein January
Emanuele Aina March
Emanuele Rocca January
Emilian Nowak April
Emilio Pozuelo Monfort May
Emmanuel Bourg May
Emmanuel Bouthenot May
Emmanuel Galatoulas February
Emmanuel Kasper May
Emmanuel Promayon January
Enrico Rossi May
Enrico Tassi February
Enrico Zini May
Eriberto Mota May
Eric Cooper May
Eric Dorland May
Eric Myhre May
Erich Schubert March
Ervin Hegedüs February
Etienne Millon April
Eugen Wintersberger March
Eugene Seliverstov January
Eugene V. Lyubimkin April
Eugene Zhukov March
Eva Ramon January
Evgeni Golov May
Fabian Greffrath May
Fabian Wolff April
Fabien Givors February
Faidon Liambotis May
Fathi Boudra April
Fayad Fami February
Federico Brega January
Federico Ceratto May
Felipe Augusto van de Wiel April
Felipe Castro May
Felipe Sateler May
Felix Geyer May
Felix Gruber May
Felix Lechner February
Felix Natter April
Ferenc Wágner February
Ferenc Wágner May
Fernando Seiti Furusato March
Filip Pytloun May
Filippo Giunchedi March
Flavien Bridault March
Florent Rougon March
Florian Ernst April
Florian Pelgrim February
Florian Schlichting May
Florian Weimer January
Francesco Lovergine April
Francesco Poli May
Francois Marier April
Frank Brokken May
Frank Lin Piat April
Frank McCormick January
Frans Spiesschaert May
Frederic Bonnard May
Frederic Peters March
Free Ekanayaka May
Friedrich Beckmann January
Frédéric Brière April
Frédéric-Emmanuel Picca May
Félix Sipma May
G. Branden Robinson May
Gaudenz Steinlin May
Gaurav Juvekar March
Geert Stappers April
Geert Stappers May
Gennaro Oliva March
Gennaro Oliva March
Geoff Simmons May
George B May
George Kiagiadakis January
Georges Khaznadar May
Georges Toth May
Gerald Turner May
Gergely Nagy January
Gert Wollny April
Gert Wollny March
Ghislain Vaillant May
Gianfranco Costamagna May
Giap Tran May
Gilles Filippini May
Gioele Barabucci January
Giovani Augusto Ferreira April
Giovanni Mascellani April
Giuseppe Sacco April
Goedson Teixeira Paixao January
Gordon Ball May
Graham Inggs May
Gregor Jasny May
Gregor Riepl May
Gregory Colpart February
Gudjon I. Gudjonsson January
Guido Guenther May
Guilhem Moulin May
Guillaume Delacour May
Guillaume Turri March
Guillem Jover May
Gunnar Wolf May
Guo Yixuan April
Gustavo Panizzo April
Gustavo Soares de Lima March
Guus Sliepen May
Günter Milde March
Gürkan Sengün May
Hajime Mizuno January
Hakan Ardo April
Hamish Moffatt March
Hannes von Haugwitz May
Hanno Wagner February
Hans-Christoph Steiner April
Harald Dunkel May
Harald Jenny May
Harlan Lieberman-Berg May
Harshula Jayasuriya March
Hector Garcia March
Hector Oron May
Hector Romojaro March
Heiko Stübner April
Heinrich Schuchardt May
Helge Deller May
Helge Kreutzmann May
Helmut Grohne May
Hendrik Tews May
Henri Salo May
Henrique de Moraes Holschuh May
Henti Smith March
Herbert Fortes January
Herbert Parentes Fortes Neto May
Hermann Lauer March
Hideki Yamane May
Hilko Bengen May
Hilmar Preuße May
Hleb Valoshka April
Holger Levsen May
Holger Wansing May
Holger Wansing May
Hon Ching (Vicky) Lo May
Hubert Chan February
Hubert Hauser May
Hugo Lefeuvre May
Hwei Sheng Teoh April
Håkon Nessjøen January
IOhannes m zmölnig May
IOhannes zmölnig March
Iain Lane May
Iain R. Learmonth May
Ian Jackson February
Ian James Campbell May
Ian Kelling April
Ilias Tsitsimpis May
Ingo Bauersachs January
Innocent De Marchi May
Ishikawa Mutsumi January
Iustin Pop May
Ivan Baldo March
Ivan Borzenkov January
Ivan Kohler March
Ivan Masár February
Ivar Smolin April
Ivo De Decker May
JCF Ploemen May
Jack Henschel March
Jacob Adams May
Jacob Lundberg February
Jakob Haufe March
Jakobus Schürz March
Jakub Adam March
Jakub Wilk May
James Bromberger February
James Cameron April
James Clarke March
James Clarke May
James Cloos February
James Cowgill May
James Downing Page April
James Lu May
James McCoy May
James Price January
James Strandboge March
James Valleroy May
Jameson Rollins February
Jamie Wilkinson April
Jan Beyer April
Jan Dittberner April
Jan Luca Naumann April
Jan Niehusmann March
Jan Wagner May
Jan-Pascal van Best January
Jari Aalto January
Jaromír Mikeš May
Jason Crain February
Jason Lewis March
Jason Pleau May
Jason Spiro March
Javier Fernandez-Sanguino Pen~a May
Javier Merino Cacho May
Jean Baptiste Favre May
Jean Paul Guillonneau May
Jean-Francois Dockes March
Jean-Luc Coulon January
Jean-Michel Kelbert May
Jean-Michel Vourgère May
Jean-Philippe MENGUAL March
Jeff Breidenbach February
Jeff Epler May
Jeffrey Ratcliffe April
Jelmer Vernooij May
Jens Reyer May
Jeremy Bicha May
Jeremy Stanley March
Jeremías Casteglione March
Jeroen Dekkers January
Jeroen van Aart May
Jerome Benoit May
Jim Cobley April
Jo Shields April
Joachim Breitner May
Joachim Falk April
Joachim Reichel May
Joanne McIntyre January
Joao Eriberto Mota Filho May
Jochen Sprickerhof May
Joe Hansen May
Joel De Jesus April
Joel Johnson March
Joel Rosdahl February
Joel Roth May
Joerg Dorchain March
Joerg Jaspert May
Joey Hess May
Johan Van de Wauw May
Johann Felix Soden January
Johannes Berg January
Johannes Ranke March
Johannes Ring May
Johannes Schauer May
John Goerzen May
John MacFarlane February
John Paul Adrian Glaubitz May
Jonas Meurer May
Jonas Smedegaard May
Jonathan Bustillos Osornio February
Jonathan Carter May
Jonathan Dowland May
Jonathan Dupart May
Jonathan McCrohan January
Jonathan McDowell May
Jonathan Nieder May
Jonathan Wiltshire May
Jonathan Yu February
Joost van Baal March
Jordan Justen May
Jordi Mallach May
Jorge Ernesto Guevara Cuenca May
Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo January
Jose G. López April
Jose Luis Rivero May
Jose M Calhariz March
Josep Sanchez April
Joseph Bisch February
Joseph Herlant April
Josh Triplett April
Josip Rodin January
Josué Ortega February
Josué Ortega May
José Gutiérrez de la Concha March
Joël Krähemann May
Juan Cespedes February
Juan Picca January
Juhani Numminen May
Julian Andres Klode May
Julian Gilbey May
Julian Taylor April
Julian Wollrath March
Julien Cristau May
Julien Lamy May
Julien Muchembled April
Julien Patriarca January
Julien Puydt May
Julián Moreno Patiño May
Juri Grabowski April
Jurij Smakov February
Justin Cappos May
Justin Hallett February
Justin Rye May
Jérémy Bobbio January
Jérémy Lal May
Jérôme Warnier March
Jörg Frings-Fürst May
Jörg Sommer April
Kai-Chung Yan May
Kamal Mostafa April
Kamaraju Kusumanchi January
Kanru Chen March
Kari Pahula March
Karl Fogel February
Karl Goetz April
Karsten Merker May
Kartik Mistry May
Katsuhiko Nishimra April
Kay Hayen January
Kees Cook April
Kei Hibino February
Keith Packard April
Keng-Yu Lin January
Kenshi Muto January
Kentaro Hayashi May
Kerim Ölçer March
Kevin Cernekee January
Kevin Glynn May
Kevin Scannell January
Khalid Aziz May
Kilian Krause January
Kiwamu Okabe February
Konstantin Khomoutov April
Konstantinos Margaritis April
Kritphong Mongkhonvanit February
Ksamak k February
Kumar Appaiah May
Kunal Mehta May
Kurt Roeckx May
Kyle Gordon January
Kyle Robbertze March
Kåre Thor Olsen May
LIU Qi April
Lamont Jones May
Lars Bahner January
Lars Kruse March
Lars Wirzenius April
Laszlo Kajan January
Laura Arjona Reina May
Laurent Arnoud March
Laurent Bigonville May
Laurent Destailleur May
Lee Garrett January
Lee Garrett May
Len Sorensen April
Lennart Weller March
Leo Antunes March
Leo Singer May
Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda May
Lev Lamberov May
Lev Lazinskiy May
Liang Guo April
Lionel Elie Mamane March
Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer May
Lluís Gili Belmonte February
Lluís Vilanova January
Loic Dachary February
Loong Jin Chow May
Lorenzo Faletra January
Louis Bouchard April
Louis-Philippe Véronneau April
Luca Boccassi May
Luca Bruno April
Luca Capello April
Luca Falavigna May
Luca Filipozzi May
Luca Monducci April
Luca Niccoli March
Lucas Kanashiro January
Lucas Kanashiro April
Lucas Moura April
Lucas Nussbaum April
Luciano Bello March
Ludovic Drolez March
Ludovic Rousseau May
Ludovico Cavedon February
Luigi Toscano May
Luk Claes April
Lukas Rechberger February
Lukas Schwaighofer May
Luke Faraone May
Luke Leighton April
Luke Yelavich April
László Böszörményi May
Maarten van Gompel January
Macártur Carvalho January
Magnus Holmgren January
Maitland Bottoms April
Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo May
Marc Dequènes May
Marc Deslauriers March
Marc Fournier January
Marc Haber May
Marcel Fourné March
Marcelo Jorge Vieira May
Marcelo Mota March
Marcelo Santana January
Marcin Juszkiewicz March
Marcin Kulisz January
Marcin Kulisz May
Marcin Owsiany May
Marco Balmer April
Marco Nenciarini March
Marco d'Itri January
Marcos Fouces May
Margarita Manterola May
Maria Glukhova May
Mario Lang February
Marius Gavrilescu January
Mark Brown May
Markus Braun January
Markus Frosch February
Markus Koschany May
Markus Koschany March
Markus Schade May
Markus Wanner May
Martijn van Brummelen January
Martin A. Godisch April
Martin Bagge May
Martin F. Krafft May
Martin Kelly March
Martin Kepplinger May
Martin Landa May
Martin Loschwitz March
Martin Meredith May
Martin Michlmayr May
Martin Pitt May
Martin Quinson April
Martin Steigerwald April
Martin Stigge March
Martin Werner May
Martin-Éric Racine May
Martín Ferrari May
Masanori Goto January
Matej Vela February
Mateusz Kaduk April
Mateusz Kijowski January
Mateusz Łukasik May
Mathias Behrle April
Mathias Behrle April
Mathieu Malaterre May
Mathieu Parent May
Mathieu Trudel February
Matlink Matlink March
Mats Erik Andersson February
Matt Kraai May
Matt Taggart April
Matt Zagrabelny April
Matteo Cypriani May
Matteo F. Vescovi May
Matthew Bell May
Matthew Grant March
Matthew Vernon May
Matthias Geerdsen March
Matthias Klose May
Matthias Klumpp May
Matthias Urlichs April
Matthieu Caneill May
Matthijs Kooijman April
Mattia Dongili March
Mattia Rizzolo May
Max Kosmach March
Maximiliano Curia May
Md Jahidul Hamid May
Mechtilde Stehmann April
Mechtilde Stehmann April
Mehdi Dogguy April
Mert Dirik February
Micah Anderson April
Micah Lee April
Micha Lenk May
Michael Ablassmeier April
Michael Banck May
Michael Biebl May
Michael Cree March
Michael Fladischer May
Michael Franzl February
Michael Gilbert May
Michael Hanke April
Michael Hudson-Doyle May
Michael Jeanson April
Michael Lustfield April
Michael Meskes May
Michael Ott March
Michael Prokop May
Michael R. Crusoe April
Michael Schmitz April
Michael Shuler May
Michael Stapelberg May
Michael Stone May
Michael Stummvoll January
Michael Tokarev May
Michael Vogt March
Michael Weghorn April
Michal Cihar May
Michalis Kamburelis January
Michał Kułach April
Miguel Figueiredo May
Miguel Gaiowski April
Miguel Landaeta April
Miguel de Val-Borro January
Mike Gabriel May
Mike Hommey May
Mike McCauley March
Mike Miller January
Mikhail Gusarov March
Milan Kupcevic March
Miles Lubin May
Milo Casagrande February
Miquel van Smoorenburg January
Mirco Bauer May
Miriam Ruiz February
Mirko Tietgen March
Miroslav Kure May
Mohammad Akhlaghi May
Mohammed Sadik P. K. March
Moray Allan May
Moritz Lennert March
Moritz Muehlenhoff May
Moritz Schlarb May
Mr. tuXXer March
Muammar El Khatib April
Muri Nicanor February
Mykola Nikishov May
Mònica Ramírez Arceda May
NIIBE Yutaka May
Nadiya Sitdykova March
Nathan Scott January
Navid Emami April
Neil L. Roeth February
Neil McGovern March
Neil Williams May
Nelson A. de Oliveira March
Neutron Soutmun March
Niccolo Rigacci January
Nicholas Breen March
Nicholas Guriev May
Nicholas Luedtke May
Nicholas Shake February
Nicholas Steeves May
Nick Andrik January
Nick Morrott January
Nico Schlömer May
Nicolas Boulenguez May
Nicolas Braud-Santoni May
Nicolas Dandrimont February
Nicolas Guilbert May
Nicolas LE CAM May
Niels Thykier May
Nigel Horne January
Nikhil Gawande May
Niko Tyni May
Nikolaus Rath May
Nils Dagsson Moskopp April
Nish Aravamudan May
Niv Sardi-Altivanik February
Noah Meyerhans May
Nobuhiro Iwamatsu May
Norbert Kiesel April
Norbert Preining May
Norbert Tretkowski March
Norimitsu Sugimoto February
Norvald Ryeng April
Noël Köthe April
Nuno Paquete May
Nupur Malpani January
Oded Naveh March
Ola Lundqvist May
Olaf van der Spek May
Ole Streicher May
Oleg Moskalenko March
Oleksandr Gavenko January
Oliver Grawert January
Oliver Heimlich January
Olivier Berger April
Olivier Berger March
Olivier Humbert April
Olivier Sallou May
Olly Betts April
Olof Johansson February
Olzhas Rakhimov May
Omer Zak January
Ondrej Koblizek April
Ondrej Sury May
Ondřej Nový May
Onur Aslan May
Orestis Ioannou April
Osamu Aoki May
Otto Kekäläinen April
Oxan van Leeuwen January
Pablo Barciela May
Paolo Cavallini April
Paolo Greppi May
Paride Legovini May
Parsix Build Server May
Patrick Matthäi May
Patrick Schoenfeld February
Paul Brossier March
Paul Cannon March
Paul Gevers May
Paul Menzel April
Paul Norman April
Paul Robert Hedderly April
Paul Seyfert January
Paul Slootman May
Paul Wise May
Paul van Tilburg May
Paul van der Vlis May
Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana (phls) May
Paulo Roberto Alves de Oliveira February
Pavel Sofishchenko May
Pedro Beja April
Perl Ancar January
Peter Blackman May
Peter Colberg May
Peter De Wachter April
Peter Eisentraut February
Peter Marschall May
Peter Michael Green May
Peter Palfrader May
Peter Pentchev May
Peter Spiess-Knafl April
Peter Zahradnik February
Petr Vorel April
Petter Reinholdtsen May
Phil Hagelberg April
Philip Armstrong February
Philip Hands May
Philip Rinn May
Philipp Huebner May
Philipp Hug May
Philipp Kaluza February
Philipp Kern April
Philipp Matthias Hahn April
Philippe Coval January
Philippe Le Brouster January
Philippe Ombredanne February
Philippe Thierry May
Pierre Duperray March
Pierre Rudloff May
Pierre-Louis Bonicoli May
Pietro Battiston April
Pino Toscano May
Piotr Engelking May
Piotr Ożarowski May
Povilas Kanapickas April
Prach Pongpanich January
Prach Pongpanich January
Praveen Arimbrathodiyil May
Punit Agrawal April
Pádraig Brady March
Quân Trần January
Rafael Laboissière May
Rafael Tinoco February
Rahul De May
Rahulkrishnan R A March
Ralf Jung May
Ralf Treinen May
Ralph Lange January
Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan April
Raoul Snyman April
Raphael Geissert February
Raphaël Halimi May
Raphaël Hertzog May
Rebecca Palmer May
Reiner Herrmann May
Reinhard Tartler March
Remi Vanicat February
Rene Engelhard May
Reuben Thomas May
Rhonda D'Vine May
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Richard Kreckel March
Richard Nelson May
Richard Ulrich January
Riku Voipio January
Riley Baird February
Risko Gergely March
Ritesh Raj Sarraf May
Rob Browning May
Robbie Harwood May
Robert Clay May
Robert Collins January
Robert Edmonds May
Robert Haist April
Robert Luberda May
Roberto C. Sanchez May
Roberto Lumbreras February
Rock Storm May
Roger Leigh January
Roger Shimizu May
Roger Wesson January
Rogério Brito May
Roland Clobus March
Roland Fehrenbacher May
Roland Gruber March
Roland Mas January
Roland Rosenfeld February
Roland Stigge February
Rolf Leggewie February
Romain Bignon February
Romain Francoise May
Ron Lee May
Ron Murray May
Roopa Prabhu April
Ross Gammon May
Ross Vandegrift January
Rowan Thorpe May
Ruben Undheim April
Rui Branco May
Rushikesh Bhadane January
Russ Allbery May
Russell Coker May
Russell Sim May
Russell Stuart April
Ryan Kavanagh May
Ryan Tandy May
Rémi Palancher January
SZ Lin May
SZ Lin May
Saikrishna Arcot March
Salvatore Bonaccorso May
Salvo Tomaselli May
Sam Hartman May
Sam Morris April
Samuel Henrique April
Samuel Thibault May
Sander van Grieken April
Sandor Bodo-Merle February
Sandro Knauß May
Sandro Mani February
Sandro Tosi May
Sanjeev . January
Santiago Garcia Mantinan May
Santiago Ruano Rincón May
Santiago Vila May
Sascha Girrulat April
Sascha Steinbiss May
Satoru KURASHIKI April
Saurabh Agrawal January
Scott Kitterman May
Scott Leggett April
Scott Sheridan Howard May
Scott Talbert April
Sean Whitton May
Sean Whitton May
Sebastiaan Couwenberg May
Sebastian Andrzej Siewior May
Sebastian Boehm April
Sebastian Dröge May
Sebastian Gibb April
Sebastian Harl February
Sebastian Humenda April
Sebastian Niehaus April
Sebastian Ramacher May
Sebastian Rasmussen May
Sebastian Reichel May
Sebastian Silva April
Sebastien Badia May
Sebastien Badia April
Sebastien Delafond May
Sebastien Jodogne March
Senthil Kumaran S February
Serafeim Zanikolas January
Sergei Golovan April
Sergey Kirpichev April
Sergio Durigan Junior May
Sergio Gelato April
Sergio Oller March
Seth Arnold March
Shanavas M May
Shengjing Zhu May
Shih-Yuan Lee January
Shirish Togarla April
Shlomi Fish January
Siddhesh Rane April
Simon Chopin February
Simon Désaulniers February
Simon Elsbrock January
Simon Horman January
Simon Josefsson March
Simon Kainz March
Simon McVittie May
Simon Quigley May
Simon Richter April
Simon Ruggier March
Simon Walter May
Simó Albert i Beltran May
Sjoerd Simons April
Slavko Noname April
Slávek Banko March
Solveig . May
Sophie Brun March
Sophoklis Goumas April
Srushti Chaudhari January
Stanislas Leduc February
Stefan Fritsch May
Stefan Lippers-Hollmann January
Stefan Ott April
Stefan Sobernig January
Stefan Weil February
Stefano Rivera May
Stefano Zacchiroli March
Steffen Möller May
Stein Magnus Jodal January
Steinar H. Gunderson May
Stephan Suerken February
Stephen Kitt May
Steve Cotton May
Steve Kemp February
Steve Langasek May
Steve McIntyre May
Steve SCHNEPP March
Steven Chamberlain May
Steven Chamberlain May
Steven Michael Robbins May
Stig Sandbeck Mathisen March
Stuart Prescott May
Stéphane Blondon May
Stéphane Glondu April
Stéphane Graber January
Sune Vuorela January
Sunil Mohan Adapa May
Svante Signell May
Sven Bartscher April
Sven Bartscher January
Sven Eckelmann February
Sven Hartge May
Sven Hoexter May
Sven Joachim May
Sven Mueller March
Sven Wick February
Sylvain Beucler April
Sylvestre Ledru May
Szalay Attila January
Sébastien Villemot May
Takaki Taniguchi March
Takatsugu Nokubi April
Takaya Yamashita January
Talat Batheesh April
Tanguy Ortolo April
Tatiana Malygina February
Tatsuya Kinoshita May
Teddy Hogeborn April
Teemu Hukkanen January
Teemu Ikonen February
Tetsutaro KAWADA May
Teus Benschop March
Thadeu Cascardo March
Theodore Y. Ts'o May
Theppitak Karoonboonyanan February
Thibaut GIRKA April
Thibaut Jean-Claude Paumard April
Thierry Fauck January
Thierry Randrianiriana May
Thijs Kinkhorst April
Thomas Bechtold February
Thomas Blein January
Thomas Goirand May
Thomas Hood April
Thomas Koch May
Thomas Krennwallner May
Thomas Lange May
Thomas Maass February
Thomas Perret January
Thomas Preud'homme February
Thomas Schmitt May
Thomas Stewart January
Thomas Vincent April
Thomas Ward March
Thomas Weber March
Thorsten Alteholz May
Thorsten Glaser May
Tiago Bortoletto Vaz May
Tianon Gravi April
Till Kamppeter May
Tim Potter January
Tim Retout May
Tim Rühsen May
Tim Theisen January
Timo Aaltonen May
Timo Juhani Lindfors May
Timo Jyrinki April
Timo Weingärtner May
Timothy Martin Potter April
Timur Birsh May
Tino Keitel January
Tiziano Zito January
Tobias Frost May
Tobias Grimm May
Tobias Hansen May
Tobias Quathamer May
Toke Høiland-Jørgensen January
Tollef Fog Heen May
Tom Fitzhenry April
Tom Marble March
Tomasz Buchert May
Tomasz Nitecki February
Tomasz Rybak March
Tommi Vainikainen April
Tong Hui March
Tong Sun May
Toni Mueller March
Toni Uhlig March
Tony Houghton April
Tony Mancill May
Torsten Landschoff March
Trent Buck May
Tristan Seligmann May
Troy Heber April
Tushar Agey February
Tzafrir Cohen May
Uli Scholler May
Ulises Vitulli May
Ulrike Uhlig April
Ulrike Uhlig May
Uwe Hermann February
Uwe Kleine-König May
Vaclav Ovsik May
Vagrant Cascadian May
Valentin Vidic April
Valessio Brito April
Vangelis Mouhtsis May
Vasudev Kamath April
Vasudev Sathish Kamath April
Victor Seva May
Victor Seva Lopez May
Victor Tapia King April
Viktar Siarheichyk March
Ville Skyttä May
Vinay Desai February
Vincent Bernat May
Vincent Blut May
Vincent Cheng May
Vincent Danjean May
Vincent Fourmond May
Vincent Prat April
Vivek Bhave April
Vlad Orlov May
Vladimir Stavrinov January
Vojtech Kulvait March
Volker Diels-Grabsch March
Víctor Cuadrado Juan May
W. Martin Borgert May
Wen-Yen Chuang February
Werner Koch April
Wesley W. Terpstra March
Willem van den Akker February
Willi Mann April
William Blough January
Wilmer van der Gaast February
Wolfgang Fütterer February
Wolfgang Schweer May
Wolodja Wentland May
Wouter Verhelst May
Xavier Guimard May
Ximin Luo May
Yann Dirson April
Yaroslav Halchenko May
Yashashree Kolhe January
Ying-Chun Liu April
Yogiraj Kulkarni February
Yosuke OTSUKI May
Youhei SASAKI May
Yukiharu Yabuki May
YunQiang Su March
Yuri D'Elia May
Yuri Kozlov February
Yvan Masson April
Yves-Alexis Perez May
Zebulon McCorkle May
Zed Pobre January
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Zoltan Gyarmati March
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Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason N/A February
Çağrı ULAŞ March
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