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Debian Contributors list

This is a list of all the 1331 people and 19 teams whose most recent contribution to Debian was in 2018.
The information is based on our current knowledge, which you can help us improve.

Person Until
Wookey May
Aaron M. Ucko May
Aaron Schrab April
Aaron Toponce May
Aarti Kashyap January
Abdelhakim Qbaich January
Abhijith PA May
Abou Al Montacir May
Achim Schaefer March
Adam Borowski May
Adam Conrad May
Adam D. Barratt May
Adam Majer May
Adam Sampson March
Adrian Alves February
Adrian Bunk May
Adrian Heine May
Adrian Knoth February
Adrian Vondendriesch May
Adriano Rafael Gomes May
Adrien Grellier April
Adrià García-Alzórriz May
Afif Elghraoui May
Aggelos Avgerinos March
Agustin Henze May
Agustín Martín Domingo May
Aivar Annamaa March
Akhil Varkey March
Al Stone May
Alastair McKinstry May
Alban Browaeys March
Alban Vidal May
Albert Dengg February
Alberto Gonzalez Iniesta May
Alberto Fuentes May
Alberto Garcia May
Alberto Luaces March
Alberto Molina Coballes May
Alec Leamas March
Alejandro Garrido Mota April
Aleksey Kravchenko March
Alessandro Ghedini May
Alessio Treglia January
Alex Gaynor February
Alex Mestiashvili April
Alex Muntada May
Alexander Chernyakhovsky February
Alexander Clausen April
Alexander Couzens May
Alexander GQ Gerasiov May
Alexander Wirt May
Alexander Zangerl April
Alexandre Detiste April
Alexandre Mestiashvili May
Alexandre Rossi May
Alexandre Viau May
Alexandre Viau May
Alexei Nikolov March
Alexis Murzeau May
Alf Gaida May
Alkis Georgopoulos May
Amos Jeffries April
Ana Beatriz Guerrero López April
Ana Custura April
Ana Rodríguez López February
Anders Jonsson May
Anders Kaseorg April
Andre Bianchi March
Andrea Bolognani April
Andrea Capriotti April
Andrea Mennucci April
Andreas B. Mundt May
Andreas Beckmann May
Andreas Boll May
Andreas Bombe May
Andreas Franzen February
Andreas Gredler January
Andreas Heinlein January
Andreas Henriksson May
Andreas Hoenen February
Andreas Metzler May
Andreas Moog May
Andreas Noteng February
Andreas Rönnquist May
Andreas Rütten April
Andreas Seltenreich May
Andreas Tille May
Andrej Shadura May
Andres Salomon May
Andrew Bradford February
Andrew Caudwell April
Andrew Lee March
Andrew McMillan May
Andrew Ruthven April
Andrew Shcheglov April
Andrew Starr-Bochicchio April
Andrey Rahmatullin May
Andrey Skvortsov May
Andrius Merkys May
Andriy Grytsenko April
Andy Li May
Andy Simpkins March
Angel Abad April
Angus Lees May
Anibal Monsalve Salazar March
Anish A March
Ansgar Burchardt May
Anthony DeRobertis May
Anthony Fok May
Anthony Towns April
Antoine Beaupré May
Antoine Musso March
Anton Gladky May
Anton Zinoviev May
Antonin Kral April
Antonio Ospite March
Antonio Radici April
Antonio Terceiro May
Antonio Valentino May
Antti Järvinen March
Apollon Oikonomopoulos April
Ari Pollak April
Arnaud Fontaine May
Arnaud Rebillout May
Aron Xu May
Artem Popov February
Arthur Marsh March
Arthur de Jong April
Arto Jantunen April
Arturo Borrero Gonzalez May
Arturo Borrero González February
Askar Safin May
Athos Ribeiro March
Aurelien Jarno May
Aurélien COUDERC May
Austin English February
Axel Beckert May
Balasankar Chelamattathu May
Balint Reczey May
Baptiste Jammet May
Barak A. Pearlmutter May
Barry Warsaw February
Bartosz Fenski May
Bas Wijnen May
Bas Zoetekouw May
Bastiaan van den Dikkenberg April
Bastian Blank May
Bastian Venthur March
Bastien Roucariès May
Bdale Garbee May
Beatrice Torracca April
Ben Albrecht March
Ben Burton March
Ben Finney April
Ben Finney January
Ben Hutchings May
Ben Keller January
Benjamin Barenblat April
Benjamin Drung May
Benjamin Eltzner January
Benjamin Hill March
Benjamin Kaduk May
Benoît Rouits April
Bernd Schumacher January
Bernd Zeimetz May
Bernhard Reiter March
Bernhard Schmidt May
Bert Agaz March
Bertrand Marc March
Bill Allombert May
Bjoern Boschman February
Bob Proulx March
Bobby de Vos February
Boris Pek April
Boruch Baum April
Boyuan Yang May
Brad Jorsch February
Brendan O'Dea April
Breno Leitao May
Bret Curtis April
Brett Parker April
Brian May May
Brian Minton April
Brian Potkin May
Brian Smith May
Bruce Korb January
Bruno Kleinert May
Bruno Magalhaes March
Camm Maguire March
Carl Suster February
Carlo Segre March
Carlo U. Segre May
Carlos Donizete May
Carlos Maddela April
Carlos Pascual-Izarra April
Carsten Leonhardt May
Carsten Schoenert May
Cesare Falco March
ChangZhuo Chen May
Changwoo Ryu May
Charles Plessy April
Chiara Marmo May
Chirayu Desai May
Chris January
Chris Boot May
Chris K April
Chris Lamb May
Chris Leick March
Christian Ehrhardt May
Christian Göttsche April
Christian Hofstaedtler May
Christian Körner January
Christian Marillat May
Christian Perrier May
Christian Pietsch January
Christian Seiler January
Christian T. Steigies May
Christoph Anton Mitterer May
Christoph Berg May
Christoph Biedl May
Christoph Biedl April
Christoph Egger March
Christoph Groth April
Christoph Haas April
Christoph Martin May
Christoph Reiter April
Christophe Siraut April
Christophe Troestler April
Christophe Trophime May
Christophe Vu-Brugier February
Christopher Chavez January
Christopher Lawrence January
Christopher Schramm March
Christopher Stuart Hoskin May
Christopher Walker March
Christos Trochalakis May
Clint Adams May
Clément Hermann April
Colin Watson May
Corey Bryant May
Corrêa Jr March
Craig Sanders May
Craig Small May
Cristian Rigamonti April
Cyril Brulebois May
Cédric Boutillier May
Cédric Lood February
D Haley April
Daisuke Higuchi May
Damyan Ivanov May
Dan Jacobson May
Daniel Echeverry May
Daniel Kahn Gillmor May
Daniel Leidert May
Daniel Lenharo de Souza May
Daniel Pocock May
Daniel Reichelt February
Daniel Ring April
Daniel Schepler April
Daniel Shahaf March
Daniel Silverstone April
Daniel Stender May
Daniel Stender May
Daniele Forsi May
Daniele Tricoli March
Dann Frazier May
Dario Minnucci May
Dato Simó May
Dave Hibberd March
Dave Vehrs February
David Banks April
David Bremner May
David Douard January
David Härdeman April
David I. Lehn May
David Kalnischkies May
David Mohammed May
David Paleino May
David Prévot May
David Rabel May
David Steele May
Davide G. M. Salvetti May
Debian Webteam CVS Checkout User March
Denis Barbier April
Denis Briand March
Dennis van Dok April
Diane Trout May
Dianjin Wang April
Didier Raboud May
Diederik de Haas May
Dima Kogan May
Dimitri Chausson February
Dimitri Fontaine May
Dimitri John Ledkov May
Dimitrios Eftaxiopoulos May
Dirk Eddelbuettel May
Dmitry Bogatov May
Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov May
Dmitry Oboukhov February
Dmitry Shachnev May
Dmitry Smirnov May
Domenico Andreoli April
Dominic Hargreaves May
Dominik George May
Dominik George May
Dominique Belhachemi April
Dominique Dumont May
Don Armstrong May
Donald Norwood February
Doug Torrance March
Drew Parsons May
Dwayne Litzenberger April
Dylan Aïssi May
Eduard Bloch May
Edward Betts May
Egmont Koblinger May
Eike Sauer January
Elana Hashman April
Eldon Koyle April
Elena Grandi May
Elimar Riesebieter May
Elías Alejandro May
Eman tgl May
Emanuele Rocca April
Emilio Pozuelo Monfort May
Emmanuel Arias May
Emmanuel Bourg May
Emmanuel Bourg May
Emmanuel Bouthenot May
Emmanuel Kasper March
Enrico Rossi February
Enrico Tassi March
Enrico Zini May
Eriberto Mota February
Eric Cooper May
Eric Dorland May
Eric Evans January
Erich Schubert April
Erik Pfannenstein March
Erik Sjölund May
Ervin Hegedüs March
Esa Peuha February
Ethan Ward February
Etienne Dublé April
Eugene V. Lyubimkin April
Eugene Zhukov May
Eugeniy Meshcheryakov January
Evgeni Golov April
Evgeny Golyshev May
Fabian Greffrath May
Fabian Klötzl March
Fabian Wolff May
Fabio Fantoni April
Fabio Tranchitella March
Fabián Rodríguez May
Faidon Liambotis April
Fathi Boudra March
Federico Ceratto May
Felipe Sateler May
Felix Geyer May
Felix Krull May
Felix Natter May
Felix Zielcke February
Ferenc Wágner May
Ferenc Wágner May
Filip Hroch January
Filip Pytloun April
Filippo Giunchedi April
Filippo Rusconi May
Fl Yang May
FlashCode April
Flavien Bridault May
Florent Rougon January
Florian Grignon February
Florian Lohoff May
Florian Schlichting May
Francesca Ciceri March
Francesco Lovergine May
Francesco Namuri March
Francesco Poli May
Francisco Manuel García Claramonte February
Francois Marier May
Frank Brokken May
Frank McCormick April
Frank Terbeck May
Franklin García Mendoza January
Frans Spiesschaert May
François-René Rideau April
Frederic Daniel Luc Lehobey April
Frederic Peters January
Free Ekanayaka May
Frédéric Bonnard May
Frédéric Brière April
Frédéric-Emmanuel Picca May
Fuck You March
Félix Sipma April
G.raud Meyer March
Gabor Karsay January
Gabriel F. T. Gomes May
Gard Spreemann March
Gaudenz Steinlin March
Geert Stappers May
Geert Stappers May
GengYu Rao February
Gennaro Oliva May
Gennaro Oliva May
Geoffrey Thomas January
Geoffroy Youri Berret May
Georg Faerber May
George B April
Georges Khaznadar May
Gerardo Curiel March
Gert Wollny May
Gert Wollny May
Ghislain Vaillant May
Giacomo Catenazzi January
Gianfranco Costamagna May
Gilles Filippini May
Gioele Barabucci February
Giovani Augusto Ferreira May
Giovanni Mascellani May
Giulio Paci May
Giuseppe Sacco May
Gordon Ball May
Graham Cobb April
Graham Inggs May
Gregor Jasny February
Gregor Riepl May
Gregory Colpart February
Grégory DAVID March
Gudjon I. Gudjonsson May
Guido Guenther May
Guilhem Moulin May
Guillaume Brochu May
Guillaume Delacour March
Guillem Jover May
Gunnar Wolf May
Gustavo Panizzo March
Guus Sliepen May
Göran Weinholt May
Gürkan Myczko May
Hannes von Haugwitz May
Hanno Wagner April
Hans-Christoph Steiner March
Harald Dunkel May
Harald Jenny April
Harlan Lieberman-Berg May
Harshit Joshi May
Hector Garcia March
Hector Oron May
Hector Romojaro March
Heikki Hokkanen April
Heiko Stübner May
Heinrich Schuchardt May
Helge Deller March
Helge Kreutzmann May
Helio Loureiro May
Helmut Grohne May
Hendrik Tews May
Henri Salo March
Henrique de Moraes Holschuh May
Herbert Parentes Fortes Neto May
Herman van Rink April
Hermann Lauer February
Hervé MENAGER February
Hideki Yamane May
Hilko Bengen May
Hilmar Preuße May
Hiroshi Kubo January
Hleb Valoshka May
Holger Levsen May
Holger Wansing May
Holger Wansing May
Hubert Chan May
Hugh McMaster May
Hugo Lefeuvre May
IOhannes m zmölnig May
IOhannes zmölnig April
Iain Lane May
Iain R. Learmonth May
Ian Jackson May
Ian James Campbell May
Ian Wienand March
Ilias Tsitsimpis May
Ilias Tsitsimpis February
Ingo Bauersachs March
Innocent De Marchi May
Iustin Pop February
Ivan Baldo January
Ivan Masár April
Ivo De Decker May
J. M. May
JCF Ploemen May
Jack Bates January
Jacob Adams May
Jaime Robles April
Jakob Haufe March
Jakub Adam March
Jakub Wilk May
James Cameron May
James Clarke May
James Cloos May
James Cowgill May
James Downing Page February
James McCoy May
James Price March
James Strandboge May
James Valleroy May
Jameson Rollins March
Jamie Wilkinson April
Jan Christoph Uhde April
Jan Luca Naumann May
Jan Mojžíš February
Jan Niehusmann May
Jan Wagner May
Jan-Marek Glogowski March
Jaromír Mikeš January
Jason Crain February
Jason Pleau May
Javier Amor April
Javier Barroso April
Javier Fernandez-Sanguino Pen~a May
Jay Berkenbilt April
Jean Baptiste Favre May
Jean Paul Guillonneau May
Jean-Francois Dockes April
Jean-Louis Dupond May
Jean-Luc Coulon May
Jean-Michel Vourgère April
Jean-Philippe MENGUAL March
Jeff Breidenbach May
Jeffrey Ratcliffe May
Jelle van der Waa May
Jelmer Vernooij May
Jens Reyer May
Jens Thiele February
Jeremy Bouse March
Jeremy Bicha May
Jeremy Lainé January
Jeremy Stanley May
Jeroen van Aart May
Jerome Benoit May
Jim Hague May
Jo Shields May
Joachim Breitner May
Joachim Falk May
Joachim Reichel May
Joao Eriberto Mota Filho April
Jochen Sprickerhof May
Joe Hansen February
Joel Johnson March
Joel Rosdahl March
Joerg Dorchain March
Joerg Jaspert May
Joey Hess May
Johan Van de Wauw March
Johann Felix Soden March
Johannes Ranke May
Johannes Schauer May
John Goerzen May
John Lightsey January
John Lines May
John MacFarlane May
John Ogness January
John Paul Adrian Glaubitz May
John V. Belmonte April
Jon Bernard April
Jonas Genannt February
Jonas Meurer May
Jonas Smedegaard May
Jonathan Carter May
Jonathan Carter May
Jonathan Dowland May
Jonathan McCrohan April
Jonathan McDowell March
Jonathan Nieder May
Jonathan Wiltshire May
Joost van Baal March
Jordi Mallach May
Jorge Ernesto Guevara Cuenca March
Jose G. López April
Jose Luis Rivero April
Jose M Calhariz February
Jose M. Calhariz April
Joseph Herlant May
Joseph Nahmias March
Joseph Nuthalapati March
Josh Triplett May
Josip Rodin February
Josué Ortega May
José Gutiérrez de la Concha April
José L. Redrejo Rodríguez April
Joël Krähemann May
Juan Cespedes May
Juan Manuel Méndez Rey January
Juan Picca May
Judit Foglszinger May
Juhani Numminen May
Julian Andres Klode May
Julian Gilbey May
Julian Hernandez Gomez March
Julian Taylor May
Julian Wollrath March
Juliana Oliveira R March
Julien Bect February
Julien Cristau May
Julien Lamy May
Julien Muchembled April
Julien Patriarca February
Julien Puydt May
Julien Puydt May
Julien Rouhaud March
Julián Moreno Patiño May
Juri Grabowski May
Jurij Smakov February
Justin Hallett February
Justin Rye May
Jérémy Bobbio January
Jérémy Lal May
Jérôme Lebleu March
Jörg Frings-Fürst May
Jörg Sommer January
Jørgen Kvalsvik May
Kai Harries February
Kai NODA May
Kai Wasserbäch January
Kai-Chung Yan May
Kamal Mostafa February
Kamaraju Kusumanchi March
Kanru Chen May
Kari Pahula May
Karl Ramm January
Karl-Philipp Richter February
Karsten Merker May
Kartik Mistry May
Katerina Kalou May
Kay Hayen May
Kees Cook May
Keith Packard May
Keng-Yu Lin May
Kenneth J. Pronovici May
Kenshi Muto March
Kevin M. Rosenberg March
Kevin Scannell April
Khalid Aziz March
Kilian Krause January
Kira Obrezkova February
Kristian Klausen January
Kristjan Onu May
Kumar Appaiah May
Kunal Mehta May
Kurt Roeckx May
Kyle Robbertze May
Kåre Thor Olsen May
LI Daobing January
Lars Kruse May
Lars Wirzenius May
Laszlo Kajan March
Laura Arjona Reina May
Laurent Baillet May
Laurent Bigonville May
Lazarus Long April
Leandro Pereira April
Lee Garrett May
Lee Garrett April
Len Sorensen March
Lennart Weller May
Leo Antunes May
Leo Singer May
Leonardo Rocha April
Leonardo Montecchi January
Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda May
Lev Lamberov May
Liang Guo March
Lionel Elie Mamane April
Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer May
Liubov Chuprikova May
Lluís Gili Belmonte May
Loic Dachary May
Loong Jin Chow May
Louis-Philippe Véronneau May
Loïc Minier February
Lubomir Rintel March
Luca Boccassi May
Luca Bruno May
Luca Falavigna May
Luca Monducci April
Lucas Kanashiro May
Lucas Kanashiro April
Lucas Moura February
Lucas Nussbaum May
Luciano Bello May
Ludovic Brenta April
Ludovic Drolez May
Ludovic Gasc March
Ludovic Rousseau May
Ludovico Cavedon April
Luigi Gangitano April
Luigi Toscano April
Luis Rivas Vañó January
Luk Claes May
Lukas Schwaighofer February
Luke Faraone May
Luke Leighton March
László Böszörményi May
Maarten van Gompel January
Magnus Holmgren March
Maitland Bottoms May
Makoto OHURA May
Malkon Faria March
Manoj Srivastava May
Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo May
Manuel Riel May
Manuela Silva May
Marc Dequènes April
Marc Haber May
Marcel Fourné January
Marcelo Jorge Vieira May
Marcin Juszkiewicz May
Marcin Kulisz February
Marcin Owsiany March
Marcio de Souza Oliveira April
Marco Nenciarini May
Marco d'Itri May
Margarita Manterola May
Maria Glukhova April
Mario Oyorzabal Salgado March
Mark Brown May
Mark Eichin January
Mark Wielaard January
Markus Koschany March
Markus Koschany May
Markus Schade April
Markus Wanner May
Martijn van Brummelen March
Martin A. Godisch May
Martin Atukunda February
Martin Bagge January
Martin F. Krafft May
Martin Kepplinger April
Martin Kittel May
Martin Landa March
Martin Mareš March
Martin Michlmayr May
Martin Pitt May
Martin Quinson May
Martin Schauer January
Martin Schulze January
Martin Steigerwald May
Martin Werner February
Martin Wimpress April
Martin-Éric Racine April
Martín Ferrari May
Marvin Renich April
Masanori Goto May
Masayuki Hatta April
Mateusz Łukasik April
Mathias Behrle April
Mathias Behrle May
Mathieu Malaterre May
Mathieu Parent May
Mathieu Trudel March
Matt Kraai March
Matt Taggart May
Matt Zagrabelny April
Matteo Cypriani May
Matteo F. Vescovi May
Matthew Bekkema February
Matthew Bell April
Matthew Grant January
Matthew Vernon May
Matthew Wild April
Matthias Klose May
Matthias Klumpp May
Matthias Maier May
Matthias Schmitz February
Matthias Urlichs May
Matthieu Caneill February
Matthieu Dubuget May
Matthijs Kooijman May
Matthijs Möhlmann April
Matti Hämäläinen April
Matti Pöllä May
Mattia Dongili May
Mattia Monga March
Mattia Rizzolo May
Mattias Ellert May
Mattias Põldaru April
Matías Bellone February
Max Kosmach May
Maxime Werlen May
Maximiliano Curia May
Mazen Neifer April
Mechtilde Stehmann May
Mechtilde Stehmann May
Mehdi Dogguy May
Mert Dirik March
Micah Anderson May
Micah Lee January
Micha Lenk March
Michael Ablassmeier February
Michael Banck May
Michael Biebl May
Michael Cree May
Michael Fladischer May
Michael Franzl April
Michael Gilbert May
Michael Hanke April
Michael Hudson-Doyle May
Michael Hudson-Doyle April
Michael Jeanson May
Michael Jeanson January
Michael Meskes May
Michael Moll March
Michael Prokop May
Michael R. Crusoe May
Michael Shuler April
Michael Stapelberg May
Michael Stone May
Michael Stummvoll May
Michael Tokarev May
Michael Vogt April
Michael Weghorn May
Michal Arbet May
Michal Cihar May
Michalis Kamburelis April
Michel Briand February
Miguel A. Colón Vélez March
Miguel Figueiredo March
Miguel Landaeta April
Mikael Wilander March
Mike Gabriel May
Mike Hommey May
Mike McCauley March
Mike Miller May
Mikhail Gusarov March
Mikuláš Patočka April
Milan Kupcevic April
Milan Zamazal May
Milo Casagrande April
Mirco Bauer January
Mirek Kratochvil May
Miriam Ruiz May
Mirko Tietgen May
Miroslav Kure May
Mirosław Gabruś May
Mitsuya Shibata January
Modestas Vainius April
Mohamed Amine April
Mohammad Akhlaghi January
Mohit Phulera May
Moritz Muehlenhoff May
Moritz Schlarb May
Mpampis Kostas April
Muammar El Khatib February
Murat Demirten February
Muri Nicanor April
Mykola Nikishov March
Mònica Ramírez Arceda May
NIIBE Yutaka May
Nathan SR May
Nathan Scott May
Nathan Willis April
Neil McGovern March
Neil Muller April
Neil Williams May
Nelson A. de Oliveira January
Niccolo Rigacci January
Nicholas Breen April
Nicholas Guriev May
Nicholas Steeves May
Nick Andrik January
Nick Morrott May
Nico Golde April
Nico Schlömer April
Nicolas Boulenguez May
Nicolas Dandrimont May
Nicolas Guilbert March
Nicolas Mora April
Nicolás Alvarez March
Niels Thykier May
Nikita V. Youshchenko May
Niko Tyni May
Nikolai Kondrashov February
Nikolaus Rath April
Nirmal K V March
Nish Aravamudan April
Nitish Kumar Dwivedi March
Noah Meyerhans May
Noah Swartz January
Nobuhiro Iwamatsu May
Norbert Kiesel March
Norbert Preining May
Norbert Tretkowski May
Norimitsu Sugimoto May
Noël Köthe May
Nuno Paquete April
Ola Lundqvist May
Olaf van der Spek May
Ole Streicher May
Olek Wojnar January
Oliver Kiddle April
Olivier Berger April
Olivier Berger March
Olivier Girondel April
Olivier Humbert May
Olivier Sallou May
Olly Betts April
Olof Johansson May
Olzhas Rakhimov March
Omar Jair Purata Funes May
Ondrej Koblizek May
Ondrej Sury May
Ondřej Kuzník May
Ondřej Nový May
Ondřej Tůma January
Orestis Ioannou February
Osamu Aoki May
Oskar Liljeblad January
Otto Kekäläinen May
Oxan van Leeuwen April
Pablo Barciela May
Pander Musubi May
Paolo Greppi May
Paride Legovini May
Pascal Giard February
Pascal Obry May
Pascal Volk April
Patrick Matthäi May
Patrick Winnertz April
Paul Boddie May
Paul Brossier April
Paul Cannon January
Paul Elliott March
Paul Gevers May
Paul Richards Tagliamonte January
Paul Slootman February
Paul Wise May
Paul van der Vlis April
Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana (phls) May
Paulo Roberto Alves de Oliveira May
Pavel Sofishchenko May
Pedro Beja February
Pete Heist March
Peter Colberg May
Peter De Wachter May
Peter Dolding May
Peter Eisentraut May
Peter Gervai May
Peter Marschall May
Peter Michael Green May
Peter Palfrader May
Peter Pentchev May
Peter Pentchev May
Peter Piwowarski February
Petr Vorel May
Petter Reinholdtsen May
Phil Brooke May
Phil Morrell May
Phil Wyett January
Philip Chung February
Philip Hands May
Philip Rinn May
Philipp Huebner May
Philipp Hug January
Philipp Kern May
Philipp Matthias Hahn May
Philippe Thierry May
Pierre Chifflier May
Pierre Duperray January
Pierre Neyron April
Pierre Rudloff May
Pierre Saramito March
Pierre-Elliott Bécue May
Pino Toscano May
Piotr Engelking February
Piotr Ożarowski May
Piotr Szydełko April
Prach Pongpanich May
Pranav Jain March
Praveen Arimbrathodiyil May
Punit Agrawal April
Punit Agrawal April
Pádraig Brady April
R.Harish Navnit May
Radovan Garabik April
Rafa May
Rafael Laboissière May
Rafael Tinoco March
Raju Devidas May
Ralf Jung May
Ralf Treinen May
Ralph Amissah February
Raoul Snyman January
Raphael Geissert March
Raphaël Halimi May
Raphaël Hertzog May
Raúl Benencia March
Rebecca Palmer May
Reiner Herrmann May
Reinhard Tartler May
Remi Vanicat April
Rene Engelhard May
Rene Mayorga January
Reuben Thomas April
Rhonda D'Vine May
Ricardo Mones Lastra May
Ricardo Yanez January
Riccardo Stagni March
Richard Kreckel May
Richard Michael Hartmann January
Rico Tzschichholz January
Riku Voipio March
Risko Gergely May
Ritesh Raj Sarraf May
Rob Browning May
Robbie Harwood May
Robert Clay January
Robert Edmonds May
Robert Haist May
Robert Kehl January
Robert Lemmen May
Robert Luberda February
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Roland Fehrenbacher January
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Romain Francoise April
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Serafeim Zanikolas March
Sergei Golovan May
Sergio Durigan Junior May
Sergio Durigan Junior March
Sergio Gelato May
Sergio Talens-Oliag January
Seth Arnold April
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Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals March
Silvi Kolumcaj March
Simon Fondrie-Teitler March
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Simó Albert i Beltran May
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Steffen Möller May
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Stephan Suerken May
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Stephen Gelman May
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Steve McIntyre May
Steven Chamberlain March
Steven Chamberlain April
Steven Michael Robbins May
Stig Sandbeck Mathisen January
Stuart Prescott May
Stéphane Blondon May
Stéphane Glondu May
Sune Vuorela April
Sunil Mohan Adapa April
Svante Signell May
Sven Bartscher May
Sven Eckelmann April
Sven Hartge March
Sven Hoexter May
Sven Joachim May
Sven Wick May
Sven-Haegar Koch March
Sylvain Beucler March
Sylvestre Ledru May
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Sébastien Villemot May
Séverin Lemaignan April
T K Sourab March
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Takaki Taniguchi May
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Tanguy Ortolo March
Tatiana Malygina May
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Teddy Hogeborn April
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Tetsutaro KAWADA April
Teus Benschop April
Thadeu Cascardo May
Theodore Y. Ts'o May
Theppitak Karoonboonyanan April
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Thibaut Jean-Claude Paumard May
Thijs Kinkhorst April
Thomas Bushnell May
Thomas Andrejak May
Thomas Bechtold March
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Thomas Schmitt May
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Thorsten Glaser May
Tiago Bortoletto Vaz April
Tianon Gravi May
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Tobias Grimm April
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Tomasz Rybak April
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Tony Travis February
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Uli Scholler February
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Ulrike Uhlig May
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Valentin Haenel February
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