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Debian Contributors list

This is a list of all the 1327 people who contribute to Debian, to the best of our current knowledge.

Contributors until 2015

1327 people and 17 teams contributed to Debian until 2015:

Person Until January
Wookey May
Aaron M. Ucko May
Aaron Zauner March
Abou Al Montacir April
Adam Borowski May
Adam Conrad April
Adam D. Barratt April
Adam Majer May
Adam Wight May
Adre Lanos May
Adrian Knoth May
Adrian Vondendriesch May
Adriano Gomes May
Adrià García-Alzórriz May
Adrián Gibanel López January
Afif Elghraoui May
Aggelos Avgerinos April
Agustin Henze May
Agustín Martín Domingo April
Ahmed El-Mahmoudy May
Akhil Mohan February
Akshay S Dinesh March
Akshita Jha April
Al Stone April
Alan Baghumian May
Alastair McKinstry May
Alban Browaeys February
Alberto Gonzalez Iniesta May
Alberto Fuentes May
Alberto Garcia May
Alberto Luaces May
Alberto Molina Coballes January
Albino B Neto March
Alejandro Garrido Mota April
Alessandro Ghedini May
Alessio Treglia May
Alex Alcantar May
Alex Bodnaru May
Alex Kuklin February
Alex Mestiashvili May
Alex Morega May
Alex Muntada May
Alex Owen April
Alex Valavanis February
Alex Waite January
Alexander Alemayhu May
Alexander Chernyakhovsky April
Alexander Clausen May
Alexander GQ Gerasiov May
Alexander Inyukhin May
Alexander Wirt May
Alexander Zangerl May
Alexandre Delanoe May
Alexandre Detiste May
Alexandre Rossi May
Alexandre Viau March
Alexis PM May
Alf Gaida April
Alfonso Sabato Siciliano March
Alkis Georgopoulos February
Allison Randal March
Amaya Rodrigo Sastre February
Ambrose Andrews January
Ana Beatriz Guerrero López May
Anders Kaseorg March
Andre Felipe Machado March
Andrea Capriotti April
Andrea Colangelo January
Andrea Colangelo April
Andrea Mennucci January
Andreas B. Mundt May
Andreas Barth May
Andreas Beckmann May
Andreas Cadhalpun May
Andreas E. Bombe May
Andreas Hartmann May
Andreas Hausmann April
Andreas Heinlein May
Andreas Henriksson May
Andreas Metzler May
Andreas Moog February
Andreas Neudecker February
Andreas Noteng April
Andreas Rottmann February
Andreas Rönnquist May
Andreas Tille May
Andreas Unterkircher March
Andrei Popescu April
Andres Salomon May
Andrew Apted March
Andrew Ayer May
Andrew Bradford May
Andrew Chadwick February
Andrew Gee March
Andrew Harvey February
Andrew Hawkins May
Andrew Kane May
Andrew Kelley May
Andrew Lee May
Andrew Martin Adrian Cater April
Andrew McDonnell March
Andrew Pollock May
Andrew Ruddock April
Andrew Shadura May
Andrew Starr-Bochicchio May
Andrey Rahmatullin April
Andrey Rahmatullin May
Andrey Rahmatullin May
Andrey Semashev January
Andrey Skvortsov March
Andrey Tataranovich May
Andriy Grytsenko May
Andriy Senkovych April
André Ferraz March
Andy Beverley January
Andy Simpkins April
Angel Abad May
Angus Lees May
Anibal Monsalve Salazar May
Anish A April
Ansgar Burchardt May
Anthony Fok January
Anthony Towns April
Antoine Beaupré May
Antoine Musso April
Anton Gladky May
Antonio Terceiro May
Antonio Valentino May
Antti Järvinen May
Apollon Oikonomopoulos May
Apollon Oikonomopoulos May
Ari Pollak May
Arnaud Fontaine March
Arnaud Quette April
Arne Wichmann May
Aron Xu May
Arthur Marsh May
Arthur de Jong May
Arto Jantunen April
Arturo Borrero González May
Arvid Requate April
Askar Safin February
Atsuhito Kohda March
Aurelien Jarno May
Aurelien Martin May
Axel Beckert May
B. Clausius May
Balasankar Chelamattath May
Balint Reczey May
Baptiste Jammet May
Barak A. Pearlmutter May
Barry Warsaw May
Bart Martens February
Bartosz Fenski April
Baruch Even March
Bas Couwenberg May
Bas Wijnen March
Bas Zoetekouw January
Bastian Blank April
Bastian Kleineidam January
Bdale Garbee,KBOG May
Beatrice Torracca May
Ben Armstrong April
Ben Carrillo February
Ben Finney May
Ben Hutchings May
Benedikt Trefzer April
Benjamin Drung April
Benjamin Eikel April
Benjamin Eltzner May
Benjamin Kaduk May
Benoit Mortier January
Benoit Mortier April
Beren Minor January
Bernd Schumacher March
Bernd Zeimetz May
Bernhard R. Link May
Bernhard Schmidt April
Bert Agaz March
Bertrand Marc March
Bhavani Shankar April
Bill Allombert May
Bill MacAllister March
Bob Proulx February
Boris Pek January
Boruch Baum February
Brandon Fairchild May
Brendan O'Dea April
Breno Leitao May
Bret Curtis May
Brian Gupta May
Brian May May
Brian Minton May
Bruno Ramos January
Camm Maguire May
Carl Chenet April
Carl Chenet February
Carl Fürstenberg January
Carl Mannino January
Carlo U. Segre January
Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez March
Carlos Donizete May
Carlos Galisteo April
Carlos Maddela May
Carnë draug February
Carsten Schoenert May
Cesare Falco March
ChangZhuo Chen May
Changwoo Ryu May
Charles Plessy May
Chen Baozi February
Chen Baozi February
Chris Bainbridge May
Chris Boot May
Chris Carr February
Chris Lamb May
Chris Leick April
Christian Brabandt January
Christian Hammers March
Christian Hofstaedtler May
Christian Holm Christensen March
Christian Kastner May
Christian Körner April
Christian Marillat May
Christian Metscher March
Christian Perrier May
Christian Pietsch March
Christian Seiler May
Christian T. Steigies March
Christoph Berg May
Christoph Biedl May
Christoph Egger May
Christoph Göhre May
Christoph Korn February
Christoph Martin May
Christoph Reiter May
Christophe Siraut February
Christophe Trophime May
Christopher Baines April
Christopher Baines April
Christopher Halse Rogers April
Christopher Hoskin May
Christopher Lawrence May
Christopher Reichert January
Christos Trochalakis April
Clint Adams May
Clint Byrum May
Clément Hermann February
Clément Schreiner May
Colin Tuckley May
Colin Watson May
Cong Nguyen March
Constanze Stohn April
Cord Beermann May
Corentin Desfarges February
Craig Sanders February
Craig Small May
Cristian Rigamonti April
Cyril Brulebois May
Cédric Boutillier May
César Enrique García Dabó January
D Haley May
Daisuke Higuchi May
Damian Minkov May
Damien Caliste January
Damyan Ivanov May
Dan Jacobson May
Daniel Baumann May
Daniel Beyer May
Daniel Dehennin April
Daniel Echeverry May
Daniel Galambos February
Daniel James March
Daniel Jared Dominguez May
Daniel Kahn Gillmor May
Daniel Leidert May
Daniel Lintott February
Daniel Pocock May
Daniel Reichelt March
Daniel Schepler May
Daniel Stender May
Daniele E. Domenichelli April
Daniele Tricoli May
Dann Frazier April
Dario Minnucci April
Dariusz Dwornikowski May
Darryl Pierce April
Dave Hibberd May
Dave Vehrs May
David Bremner May
David Goodenough January
David Henningsson May
David King April
David Martínez April
David Mohr May
David Moreno Garza April
David Parsons April
David Prévot May
David Suárez March
David Villa Alises March
David Weinehall January
Davide Truffa April
Denis Barbier May
Denis Briand May
Denis Briand May
Dennis van Dok May
Devin Carraway February
Dhananjay Balan May
Diane Trout May
Didier Raboud May
Didier Roche April
Diederik de Haas April
Dimitri Chausson April
Dimitri Fontaine May
Dimitri John Ledkov May
Dimitrios Eftaxiopoulos May
Dionisio Alonso April
Dirk Eddelbuettel May
Dmitry Bogatov May
Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov May
Dmitry Semyonov May
Dmitry Shachnev May
Dmitry Shachnev May
Dmitry Shachnev May
Dmitry Smirnov May
Dominic Hargreaves May
Dominik Bódi May
Dominik George May
Dominik Schulz January
Dominique Belhachemi March
Dominique Dumont May
Don Armstrong May
Donald Norwood May
DoubleAccount DeleteMe April
Doug Torrance May
Drew Parsons May
Dylan Aïssi May
Edgardo Rios Alanis April
Eduard Bloch May
Eduard Sanou May
Edward Betts May
Eike Sauer April
Elena Grandi February
Elimar Riesebieter May
Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph May
Emanuele Rocca May
Emfox Zhou January
Emilian Nowak April
Emilien Klein January
Emilio Pozuelo Monfort May
Emmanuel Bourg May
Emmanuel Bouthenot May
Emmanuel Galatoulas May
Emmanuel Kasper May
Enrico Rossi May
Enrico Tassi May
Enrico Zini May
Eriberto Mota May
Eric Dantan Rzewnicki February
Eric Dorland May
Eric Maeker April
Eric Sharkey April
Erich Schubert May
Erik Auerswald February
Erik Pfannenstein April
Ernesto Hernández-Novich May
Eshat Cakar April
Etienne Dublé March
Etienne MAHE February
Etienne Millon May
Eugen Wintersberger April
Eugene V. Lyubimkin May
Eugene Zhukov May
Eugeniy Meshcheryakov May
Evan Broder February
Evgeni Golov May
Evgeny Golyshev May
Fabian Greffrath May
Fabian Greffrath May
Fabian Greffrath May
Fabien Givors May
Fabio Fantoni May
Fabio Tranchitella April
Faheem Mitha May
Faidon Liambotis May
Federico Ceratto May
Federico Ceratto April
Federico Ceratto April
Federico Gimenez Nieto February
Felipe Augusto van de Wiel May
Felipe Sateler May
Felix Geyer May
Felix Gruber March
Felix Lechner May
Felix Natter May
Felix Zielcke May
Ferenc Wágner April
Fernando Toledo April
Filippo Giunchedi April
Filippo Rusconi January
Florent Rougon May
Florian Ernst April
Florian Pelgrim March
Florian Reitmeir January
Florian Schlichting May
Florian Weimer May
Floris-Andrei Stoica-Marcu March
Francesca Ciceri May
Francesco Lovergine May
Francesco Namuri April
Francesco Poli May
Francisco Manuel García Claramonte March
Francois Marier May
Frank Brokken May
Frank Gevaerts January
Frank Lin Piat March
Frank Neumann April
Franklin Weng May
Frans Spiesschaert May
François-Régis Vuillemin April
Frederic Bonnard May
Frederic Peters April
Free Ekanayaka March
Frédéric Brière May
Frédéric-Emmanuel Picca May
Félix Arreola Rodríguez May
Félix Sipma May
Gabriele Giacone May
Gaudenz Steinlin May
Geert Stappers March
Gennaro Oliva May
Gennaro Oliva May
Geoff Simmons May
Geoffrey Thomas April
Geoffroy Youri Berret May
George B April
Georges Khaznadar May
Gerald Turner May
Gerfried Fuchs May
Gergely Nagy May
Gert Wollny January
Ghislain Vaillant May
Giacomo Catenazzi March
Gianfranco Costamagna May
Gijs Molenaar March
Gilles Filippini May
Giulio Paci May
Giuseppe Iuculano March
Giuseppe Lavagetto March
Giuseppe Sacco February
Gonéri Le Bouder May
Gordon Ball May
Goswin von Brederlow May
Graham Cobb May
Graham Inggs May
Greg Beam May
Greg Sharp May
Gregor Herrmann May
Gregor Jasny May
Gregory Potamianos January
Gudjon I. Gudjonsson May
Guido Guenther May
Guilhem Moulin May
Guillaume Delacour May
Guillem Jover May
Gunnar Beutner March
Gunnar Wolf May
Guo Yixuan May
Guus Sliepen May
Gürkan Sengün April
Hai-Nam Nguyen March
Hakan Ardo April
Hannes von Haugwitz April
Hans Fredrik Nordhaug May
Hans-Christoph Steiner March
Hans-Joachim Baader April
Harald Dunkel May
Harlan Lieberman-Berg May
Harsh Daftary May
Hector Oron May
Hector Romojaro January
Heiko Stübner May
Heinrich Schuchardt February
Heinrich Schuchardt April
Helge Deller May
Helge Kreutzmann May
Helio Loureiro April
Helmut Grohne May
Henning Glawe May
Henri Salo May
Henrique de Moraes Holschuh May
Herbert Fortes May
Hervé MENAGER February
Hideki Yamane May
Hilko Bengen May
Hilmar Preuße April
Hiroshi Kubo January
Hleb Valoshka May
Holger Levsen May
Holger Wansing May
Hubert Chan March
Hugo Lefeuvre May
IOhannes m zmölnig April
IOhannes m zmölnig May
IOhannes zmölnig May
Iain Lane May
Iain Learmonth May
Ian Campbell May
Ian Jackson February
Ian James Campbell May
Ian James Campbell May
Ilya Rassadin April
Ingo Wichmann January
Innocent De Marchi May
Intrigeri May
Iustin Pop April
Ivan Baldo May
Ivan Kohler February
Ivan Masár May
Ivo De Decker May
Ivo Maintz March
JCF Ploemen May
Jaakko Niemi March
Jackson Doak May
Jacob Sparre Andersen April
Jaime Robles April
Jakob Haufe May
Jakub Adam May
Jakub Wilk May
James Bromberger April
James Cameron May
James Cloos May
James Cowgill May
James Downing Page May
James Lu May
James McCoy May
James Valleroy May
Jameson Rollins January
Jamie Wilkinson May
Jan Beyer May
Jan Dittberner April
Jan Henke May
Jan Losinski February
Jan Niehusmann May
Jan Niggemann May
Jan Wagner May
Jan-Marek Glogowski February
Jan-Pascal van Best March
Jana Barbara Wisniowska April
Jari Aalto May
Jaromír Mikeš May
Jason Pleau May
Javier Barroso January
Javier Fernandez-Sanguino Pen~a May
Javier Merino Cacho May
Jay Berkenbilt May
Jean Baptiste Favre March
Jean Paul Guillonneau May
Jean-Louis Dupond February
Jean-Michel Vourgère May
Jean-Philippe MENGUAL March
Jeff Breidenbach April
Jeff Epler March
Jeffrey Ratcliffe May
Jelmer Vernooij May
Jens Thiele March
Jeremiah Foster May
Jeremy Bouse March
Jeremy Lainé May
Jeroen Dekkers April
Jerome Benoit May
Jerome Charaoui May
Jerome Robert May
Jesse Rhodes January
Jingjie Jiang March
Jo Shields March
Joachim Breitner May
Joachim Falk May
Joachim Reichel May
Joachim Wiedorn April
Joao Eriberto Mota Filho May
Joao Eriberto Mota Filho May
Jochen Topf May
Joe Hansen May
Joe Healy May
Joel Rosdahl May
Joenio Costa April
Joerg Jaspert May
Joey Hess May
Johan Van de Wauw May
Johannes Berg April
Johannes Ring May
Johannes Schauer May
Johannes Schauer May
Johannes Schauer May
Johannes Weißl January
John Goerzen February
John Morris May
John Morrissey April
John Paul Adrian Glaubitz May
Jon Bernard April
Jonas Genannt April
Jonas Genannt May
Jonas Meurer May
Jonas Smedegaard May
Jonathan Bustillos Osornio May
Jonathan Carter May
Jonathan Dowland May
Jonathan Dray May
Jonathan J. Hall April
Jonathan McCrohan May
Jonathan McDowell May
Jonathan Nieder April
Jonathan Wiltshire May
Jonathan Yu April
Joost van Baal May
Jordan Justen January
Jordan Metzmeier May
Jordi Mallach May
Jorge Barreiro March
Jose G. López May
Jose Luis Rivero May
Jose M Calhariz May
Josep Sanchez May
Joseph Bisch February
Joseph Herlant March
Joseph Nahmias May
Josh Triplett May
Josip Rodin May
Josselin Mouette April
Josué Abarca April
Josué Ortega May
José L. Redrejo Rodríguez May
José Manuel Santamaría Lema February
Juan Gregorio Hernando Rivero May
Juan Picca May
Juhani Numminen May
Julian Andres Klode May
Julian Gilbey May
Julian Taylor April
Julian Wollrath May
Juliane Friederike Holzt April
Julien Cristau May
Julien Danjou January
Julien Jehannet April
Julien Muchembled February
Julien Patriarca May
Julien Puydt May
Julián Moreno Patiño May
Jun NOGATA April
Junichi Uekawa January
Justin Hallett May
Justin Rye May
Jérémy Bobbio May
Jérémy Lal May
Jérôme Warnier May
Jörg Frings-Fürst May
Jürgen Leibner March
Kamal Mostafa May
Kanru Chen May
Kari Pahula May
Karsten Merker April
Karsten Merker April
Kartik Mistry May
Kay Hayen May
Kees Cook May
Keith Packard March
Kenneth J. Pronovici May
Kenshi Muto April
Kent Williams March
Kevin Bortis May
Kevin Cernekee January
Kevin Murray May
Kevin Scannell March
Kilian Krause January
Kiwamu Okabe January
Klee Dienes March
Knut Yrvin March
Konstantin Khomoutov April
Konstantinos Margaritis February
Krzysztof Krzyzaniak May
Ksamak k April
Kumar Appaiah May
Kumar Sukhani March
Kurt Roeckx May
Kåre Thor Olsen May
Lamont Jones May
Larissa Reis May
Lars Wirzenius April
Laszlo Kajan April
Laura Arjona Reina May
Laura Vargas April
Laurent Arnoud March
Laurent Bigonville May
Laurent Destailleur May
Laurent Guignard May
Len Sorensen May
Leo Costela March
Leo Iannacone March
Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda May
Liang Guo May
Lionel Elie Mamane April
Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer May
Loong Jin Chow May
Louis Bouchard April
Loïc Minier January
Luca Boccassi March
Luca Bruno May
Luca Capello February
Luca Falavigna May
Luca Filipozzi February
Luca Monducci April
Luca Niccoli March
Lucas Kanashiro May
Lucas Nussbaum May
Luciano Bello February
Ludovic Rousseau May
Luigi Gangitano May
Luigi Toscano May
Luis Rodrigo Gallardo Cruz April
Luis Uribe May
Luk Claes April
Lukas Märdian April
Luke Faraone May
Luke Leighton May
Luke Yelavich May
László Böszörményi May
Maarten Bernardus Lankhorst March
Mads Hansen January
Magnus Holmgren May
Maitland Bottoms May
Makoto OHURA January
Malihe Asemani May
Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo May
Marc Dequènes February
Marc Fournier March
Marc Haber May
Marcelo Jorge Vieira May
Marcelo Santana May
Marcin Kulisz May
Marcin Owsiany May
Marco Balmer February
Marco Bardelli May
Marco Nenciarini May
Marco d'Itri May
Marcos Talau April
Margarita Manterola May
Maria Valentina Marin Rodrigues March
Mario Fux April
Mario Lang May
Marius Gavrilescu May
Marius Gedminas April
Marius Kotsbak February
Mark Brown May
Mark Eichin March
Mark Purcell April
Mark Wielaard January
Markus Frosch April
Markus Frosch March
Markus Frosch March
Markus Koschany May
Markus Schade May
Markus Wanner May
Martin Abente Lahaye April
Martin Atukunda April
Martin Bagge April
Martin Bagge February
Martin F. Krafft May
Martin Meredith February
Martin Michlmayr May
Martin Pitt May
Martin Quinson May
Martin Steghöfer May
Martin Steigerwald February
Martin Stigge March
Martin Werner May
Martin Wimpress May
Martin Wuertele February
Martin Zobel-Helas May
Martin-Éric Racine May
Martín Ferrari May
Marvin Stark May
Mateusz Kijowski May
Mateusz Łukasik May
Mathias Behrle May
Mathieu Malaterre May
Mathieu Parent May
Mats Erik Andersson May
Matt Kraai May
Matt Singleton April
Matt Taggart May
Matteo F. Vescovi May
Matteo F. Vescovi May
Matthew Bell April
Matthew Danish January
Matthew Grant January
Matthew Vernon May
Matthias Geerdsen April
Matthias Klose May
Matthias Klumpp May
Matthias Schmitz April
Matthias Urlichs March
Matthieu Caneill May
Matthijs Kooijman May
Matti Pöllä May
Mattia Rizzolo May
Mattias Ellert May
Matus Valo April
Mauricio Faria de Oliveira April
Max Kosmach May
Maximilian Attems May
Maximiliano Curia May
Mechtilde Stehmann May
Mehdi Abaakouk May
Mehdi Dogguy May
Mehul N. Sanghvi April
Mert Dirik May
Micah Anderson May
Micah Gersten May
Micha Lenk May
Michael Ablassmeier May
Michael Banck May
Michael Biebl May
Michael Fladischer May
Michael Fladischer May
Michael Fladischer May
Michael Gilbert May
Michael Hanke May
Michael Jeanson May
Michael Klein March
Michael Meskes March
Michael Ott April
Michael Paul January
Michael Prokop May
Michael R. Crusoe May
Michael Schmitz January
Michael Schutte May
Michael Shuler May
Michael Stapelberg May
Michael Stone March
Michael Tautschnig May
Michael Tokarev May
Michael Vogt May
Michael Weiser March
Michal Cihar May
Michal Simunek April
Michał Kułach April
Michel Briand February
Michele Cane May
Miguel A. Colón Vélez February
Miguel Figueiredo May
Miguel Landaeta May
Miguel Landaeta May
Mika Pflüger February
Mike Gabriel May
Mike Hommey May
Mike Kupfer May
Mike McCauley May
Mike Miller May
Mikhail Gusarov May
Milan Kupcevic April
Milan Zamazal May
Milo Casagrande February
Mirco Bauer March
Mirco Scottà March
Miriam Ruiz May
Miroslav Kure May
Mitsuya Shibata May
Mohammed Adnène Trojette February
Mohammed Sadik P. K. March
Mohit Bhakkad April
Mohsen Pahlevanzadeh January
Moritz Muehlenhoff May
Muammar El Khatib May
Murukesh Mohanan April
Mykola Nikishov March
Mònica Ramírez Arceda May
NIIBE Yutaka April
Nathan Scott April
Navid Fehrenbacher May
Neil McGovern May
Neil Williams May
Nelson A. de Oliveira May
Neutron Soutmun January
Nicholas Breen May
Nicholas Shake April
Nick Daly May
Nick Leverton January
Nick Phillips January
Nico Schlömer May
Nicolas Bonnefon January
Nicolas Boulenguez May
Nicolas Boullis February
Nicolas Caniart May
Nicolas Dandrimont April
Nicolas Delvaux May
Nicolas Guilbert March
Nicolas Roudaire March
Nicolas Schier April
Niels Thykier May
Nigel Horne May
Nik programmist11180 April
Niko Tyni May
Nikolaus Rath May
Noah Meyerhans May
Nobuhiro Iwamatsu May
Noel David Torres Taño February
Norbert Preining May
Norbert Tretkowski April
Norvald Ryeng April
Noèl Köthe April
Nuno Carvalho May
Néron Bertrand February
Octavio Alvarez March
Ognyan Kulev May
Ola Lundqvist May
Ole Streicher May
Ole Streicher May
Oleg Moskalenko May
Oleksandr Gavenko April
Olivier Berger May
Olivier Berger May
Olivier Sallou May
Olly Betts May
Olof Johansson March
Omer Zak April
Ondrej Sury May
Onur Aslan May
Orestis Ioannou May
Osamu Aoki May
Oskar Bożek February
Oskar Liljeblad April
Otto Kekäläinen May
Oxan van Leeuwen March
P Ham February
Paolo Cavallini February
Parsix Build Server May
Partha P. Mukherjee May
Pascal Giard February
Patrick Huck February
Patrick Matthäi May
Patrick Ouellette March
Patrick Schoenfeld April
Pau Garcia i Quiles May
Paul Boddie March
Paul Cochrane May
Paul Elliott March
Paul Martin May
Paul Mathijs Gevers May
Paul Menzel May
Paul Novotny April
Paul Richards Tagliamonte May
Paul Slootman March
Paul Wise May
Paulo Santana April
Paweł Sadkowski April
Pedro Beja April
Per Andersson March
Per Carlson January
Per Olofsson March
Peter Colberg February
Peter De Wachter May
Peter Eisentraut February
Peter Michael Green May
Peter Palfrader May
Peter Pentchev May
Peter Ralph April
Peter Spiess-Knafl May
Petr Baudis February
Petr Cech May
Petr Machata May
Petter Reinholdtsen May
Phil Brooke May
Philip Hands May
Philip Rinn May
Philipp Benner March
Philipp Edelmann April
Philipp Huebner May
Philipp Kaluza April
Philipp Kern May
Philipp Matthias Hahn March
Philippe Coval March
Pierre Blanc January
Pierre Chifflier May
Pierre Neyron April
Pierre Rudloff May
Pietro Battiston May
Pino Toscano May
Piotr Ożarowski May
Piotr Pokora January
Prach Pongpanich May
Praveen Arimbrathodiyil May
Qijiang Fan March
Quân Trần May
Radovan Garabik March
Rafael Laboissière May
Ralf Jung May
Ralf Treinen May
Ralph Amissah May
Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan May
Raoul Bhatia May
Raoul Borenius February
Raphael Geissert May
Raphaël Halimi May
Raphaël Hertzog May
Raúl Benencia March
Rebecca Palmer May
Reiner Herrmann May
Rejah Rehim April
Remi Vanicat May
Rene Engelhard May
Rene Mayorga May
René Moser February
Reuben Thomas May
Ricardo Mones Lastra April
Riccardo Magliocchetti January
Richard Kreckel May
Richard Michael Hartmann May
Richard Nelson March
Richard Ulrich May
Richard Winters May
Riku Voipio April
Riley Baird May
Ritesh Raj Sarraf May
Rob Browning March
Robbie Harwood April
Robert Blake April
Robert Clay May
Robert Edmonds May
Robert Lemmen January
Robert Luberda May
Roberto C. Sanchez May
Robie Basak February
Robin Sheat May
Rodolphe Pelloux-Prayer May
Roelof Berg April
Rogério Brito May
Roland Fehrenbacher May
Roland Gruber April
Roland Hieber March
Roland Mas May
Roland Rosenfeld April
Roland Stigge April
Rolf Leggewie May
Romain Bignon January
Romain Francoise May
Ron Lee May
Ross Gammon May
Ross Vandegrift January
Rowan Thorpe May
Ruben Undheim May
Russ Allbery April
Russell Coker May
Russell Sim May
Russell Stuart April
Ryan Kavanagh March
Ryan Tandy May
Rémi Duraffort March
Rémi Palancher May
Saikrishna Arcot March
Salvatore Bonaccorso May
Salvo Tomaselli March
Sam Hartman May
Sam Morris April
Samuel Bronson May
Samuel Hocevar May
Samuel Lidén Borell January
Samuel Thibault May
Sander van Grieken January
Sandro Knauß May
Sandro Tosi May
Santiago Garcia Mantinan April
Santiago Ruano Rincón May
Santiago Vila May
Sascha Manns May
Sascha Steinbiss March
Scarlett Clark February
Scott Kitterman May
Scott Leggett January
Scott Sheridan Howard May
Scott Wakeling May
Sean Davis May
Sebastiaan Couwenberg May
Sebastiaan Couwenberg May
Sebastian Boehm May
Sebastian Dröge May
Sebastian Humenda May
Sebastian Ramacher May
Sebastian Reichel May
Sebastian Silva April
Sebastian Wouters May
Sebastien Bacher April
Sebastien Badia May
Sebastien Delafond May
Sebastien Jodogne May
Senthil Kumaran S May
Serge Hallyn May
Sergei Golovan May
Sergey Kirpichev May
Sergey Suslov March
Sergio Gelato April
Sergio Oller February
Shaun Jackman April
Shawn Landden April
Shell Xu February
Shih-Yuan Lee May
Shyamal Prasad January
Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals May
Siji Sunny January
Simon Brandmair May
Simon Fondrie-Teitler May
Simon Josefsson May
Simon Josefsson May
Simon Kainz January
Simon Kainz January
Simon Kainz May
Simon Kelley February
Simon McVittie May
Simon Paillard April
Simon Richter May
Siri Reiter March
Sjoerd Simons May
Slávek Banko January
Solveig . May
Sophie Brun March
Sorina Sandu May
Stefan Bauer April
Stefan Fritsch May
Stefan Lippers-Hollmann May
Stefan Ott February
Stefan Potyra May
Stefan Schlesinger May
Stefano Canepa January
Stefano Costa May
Stefano Rivera May
Stefano Zacchiroli May
Steffen Möller April
Stein Magnus Jodal May
Steinar H. Gunderson May
Stephan Beyer May
Stephan Suerken May
Stephen Gran March
Stephen Kitt May
Stephen Powell May
Steve Langasek May
Steve McIntyre May
Steven Chamberlain May
Steven Hamilton February
Steven Michael Robbins May
Stig Sandbeck Mathisen May
Stuart Prescott May
Stuart Teasdale May
Stéphane Blondon April
Stéphane Glondu May
Sune Vuorela May
Sunil Mohan Adapa May
Svante Signell May
Sven Arvidsson May
Sven Bartscher May
Sven Eckelmann May
Sven Hoexter May
Sven Joachim May
Sven-Haegar Koch April
Sylvain Archenault January
Sylvain Beucler May
Sylvain LE GALL May
Sylvestre Ledru May
Szalay Attila May
Sébastien POHER May
Sébastien Villemot May
Sébastien Villemot May
Taisuke Yamada January
Takaki Taniguchi January
Takatsugu Nokubi March
Tanguy Ortolo April
Tassia Camoes May
Tatsuya Kinoshita May
Teemu Hukkanen April
Teemu Ikonen March
Tetsutaro KAWADA May
Thaddeus H. Black May
Thadeu Cascardo April
Theodore Y. Ts'o May
Theppitak Karoonboonyanan May
Thiago Franco Moraes May
Thibault Cohen February
Thibault Cohen April
Thibaut Jean-Claude Paumard May
Thibaut Varene May
Thijs Kinkhorst May
Thomas Bechtold February
Thomas Bechtold February
Thomas Blein January
Thomas Goirand May
Thomas Hood May
Thomas Kluyver January
Thomas Koch March
Thomas Koch February
Thomas Krennwallner May
Thomas Lange May
Thomas Vincent May
Thomas Weber February
Thorsten Alteholz May
Thorsten Glaser May
Tiago Bortoletto Vaz May
Tiago Ilieve May
Tiago Saboga March
Tianon Gravi May
Till Kamppeter May
Tim Landscheidt May
Tim Potter May
Tim Weippert May
Timo Aaltonen February
Timo Aaltonen May
Timo Aaltonen May
Timo Juhani Lindfors April
Timo Jyrinki May
Timothy Booth April
Timur Birsh April
Tino Didriksen April
Tobias Frost April
Tobias Frost May
Tobias Frost May
Tobias Grimm February
Tobias Hamp April
Tobias Hansen May
Tobias Quathamer May
Toby St Clere Smithe March
Tollef Fog Heen May
Tom Lee May
Tom Marble March
Tom Roche May
Tomasz Buchert March
Tomasz Buchert May
Tomasz Buchert May
Tomasz Nitecki May
Tomislav Krznar April
Tony Mancill May
Tony Narlock April
Tony Travis January
Torquil Macdonald Sørensen May
Torsten Landschoff February
Trent Buck April
Tristan Seligmann May
Troy Heber May
Turbo Fredriksson March
Tyler Hicks May
Tzafrir Cohen May
Uli Martens January
Ulises Vitulli May
Ulrike Uhlig May
Unit 193 May
Uwe Hermann March
Uwe Kleine-König February
Vaclav Ovsik April
Vagrant Cascadian May
Valessio Brito May
Vangelis Mouhtsis May
Vanja Cvelbar April
Varun Hiremath May
Vasudev Kamath January
Vasudev Kamath May
Vasudevan Tirumurti May
Victor Nițu March
Victor Seva Lopez May
Viktar Siarheichyk May
Vincent Bernat May
Vincent Blut May
Vincent Cheng May
Vincent Cheng May
Vincent Danjean May
Vincent Fourmond May
Vincent Hobeïka March
Vincent Legout May
Vincent Prat April
Vlad Orlov May
Vladimir Stavrinov March
Werner Heuser May
Wesley W. Terpstra March
Willem van den Akker April
Willi Mann May
William Blough May
Wolfgang Borgert May
Wolfgang Fütterer April
Wolodja Wentland April
Wouter Verhelst May
Xavier Poinsard May
Xavier Roche March
Ximin Luo April
Yadickson Soto May
Yann Dirson May
Yann Pouillon May
Yaroslav Halchenko May
Yaroslav Leonov April
Ying-Chun Liu May
Youhei SASAKI March
YunQiang Su May
YunQiang Su May
Yuri D'Elia May
Yuri Kozlov May
Yves Dorfsman April
Yves Martelli March
Yves-Alexis Perez May
Zed Pobre May
Zhou Mo May
Zlatan Todoric February
Zygmunt Krynicki April
andrei zavada May
brian carlson May
chrysn May
debian edu builder May
dt m May
felix salfelder March
gustavo panizzo May
iES Debian January
jean-pierre giraud May
l10n Commit Robot May
michael hatzold May
nayan nakhare May
pranith kumar April
security tracker role May
shirish agarwal May
tsb tsb April
V字龍 (Vdragon) April
Team Until
Debian Security Tracker May
Perl packaging group May May May
collab-maint May
debbits May
debconf subtitle team February May May May May
publicity May May
spamreview April May May