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Debian Contributor Markus Koschany

Markus Koschany has contributed to:
Identifier Team Contribution Since Until
email:hidden package maintainer (extra info) June 2013 April 2018
email:hidden bts correspondents (extra info) October 2015 January 2020
email:hidden Perl packaging group package maintainer (extra info) July 2016 July 2016
email:hidden publicity Author or editor of Debian announcements April 2016 April 2016
email:hidden maintains packages (extra info) October 2015 January 2020
email:hidden poster October 2015 January 2020
login:apo collab-maint Committer June 2016 January 2018
login:apo Debian Security Tracker CVE list committer April 2016 May 2017
login:apo committed to (extra info) April 2016 February 2018
login:apo voter August 2016 April 2017