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Debian Contributor Luca Boccassi

Luca Boccassi has contributed to:
Identifier Team Contribution Since Until
email:hidden maintains packages (extra info) February 2015 August 2017
email:hidden bug submitter (extra info) February 2015 August 2015
email:hidden mentors.d.n package uploader (extra info) July 2015 July 2015
email:hidden wiki editor (extra info) June 2016 November 2017
email:hidden bts correspondants (extra info) February 2015 January 2018
email:hidden package maintainer (extra info) July 2015 January 2018
login:luca.boccassi-guest committed to (extra info) July 2015 August 2017
login:luca.boccassi-guest collab-maint Committer February 2015 September 2017
fpr:A9EA9081724FFAE0484C35A1A81CEA22BC8C7E2E uploads packages (extra info) March 2016 September 2017
email:hidden package maintainer (extra info) November 2017 December 2017
email:hidden bts correspondants (extra info) August 2017 February 2018
email:hidden maintains packages (extra info) August 2017 September 2017
login:bluca committed to (extra info) September 2017 January 2018
login:bluca collab-maint Committer September 2017 January 2018